What is the Buzz Over Pet Water Fountains?

Posted on May 10, 2015 By

I own 2 small dogs and believe that it is essential to provide fresh drinking water for your pets. And I believe that pet water fountains is the best way to do it.  Many people believe that it may be inconvenient and that there is extra work involved in keeping the dish clean and full of water.  Fortunately, it’s not as bad as you think.

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 The pet water fountain comes with a large size reservoir, a big bowl which allows the water to circulate through the fountain while keeping the water fresh for your pet.  Pets like drinking running water from a tap or faucet so the pet fountain mimics the running water from a faucet, except that they are receiving fresh water instead.  The constant circulation helps prevent bacterial growth.

Pet water fountains allow the water to stay oxygenated with a charcoal filter that keeps the impurities out of your pet’s water.  This is similar to the way we filter our drinking water for our family, except we are doing it for our pets.  Similarly, you insert the filter into the fountain and fill it with water.  That is as easy as it gets and it is very easy to transport.  Just turn on the fountain and you have fresh running water for your pet. 

While the fountain has to be cleaned every so often, you don’t have to change it as often as a regular water dish since the fountain can hold so much water at one time.  Additionally, the fountains encourage your dogs and cats to drink more water and promotes hydration.  Have you ever wondered why cats love to drink from faucets?  It’s because they love running water.  Most cats won’t drink from a regular bowl.

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By encouraging your cats and dogs to drink more water prevents urinary tract infections, promotes healthy kidney function, increases recovery time during sickness and helps the body with temperature regulation and fat metabolism.

There are many types of pet water fountains to choose from–from plastic, to stainless steel, to stoneware and porcelain ceramic.  You can find them at any pet stores or online on Ebay or Amazon.  Be sure to check reviews to find the product that is right for you and your pet.

Your pet will love the pet water fountain and have a great time drinking from it.  If you care enough about your family’s health to give them the very best and the cleanest water to drink, then you should do the same for your pet.