Feeding Your Pets

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Our pets are like a part of our family and we want them to be happy and healthy. One of the things we overlook which contributes their health is their diet.  With out busy schedules, sometimes we don’t do such a very good job of it.  Here are some tips to follow when it comes to feeding your pet.

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Provide Nutrients

We aren’t the only ones who need nutrients.  Pets do too.

Your pet’s diet should include the following nutrients:

  • Calcium
  • Iron
  • Vitamins A and E
  • Vitamin B-12
  • Vitamin C
  • Potassium

Portion Control

The amount of food to feed your pet will depend on their weight and activity level.  An active pet will need more food than one less active.  And a larger pet will need more than a smaller pet.  When you have determined how much to feed your pet, be sure your pet is consistent with this diet.

Mix Wet with Dry Foods

There’s a lot of disagreement of whether wet foods or dry foods are better for our pet.  Some say that wet food is bad for your pet’s teeth and causes tartar and plaque build-up.  Others believe that dry food does the same and causes dental damage.  We believe that wet food as far more advantages over dry.  Wet foods taste better and will encourage your pets to eat their entire portion.  It also helps keep them hydrated. Some studies show that pets that were fed wet food had a healthier weight and increased activity.    

Follow a Schedule

It’s extremely important to be consistent with your pet’s diet and putting them on a regular schedule. Divide your their daily portion into two or three servings and serve them at a specific time each day.  You do not want to leave food out all day for your pet as it could lead to obesity problems.  You can also try using an automatic food dispenser to deliver the right amounts at the right time.  This will keep them from overeating. 

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Diet and Exercise

Just like with humans, staying fit and healthy doesn’t involve diet alone.  It is important to help keep them active by taking them out on regular walks or running with them as they will have a great time.  And remember, the more active your pet it, the more they will have to eat.

Get Rid of Bad Habits

It’s important to make sure your pets are keeping the same type of food each day.  You have to refrain from giving them too many treats or even the type of food that we eat as it can lead to many problems.  If they get used to eating human food, they may not want to eat their own, which in the long-run can lead to nutrition problem and malnourishment.  Or it can also lead to obesity.  Try to treat them with healthy snacks that are low calorie and packed with nutrition.


Grooming and Cleaning Tips For Your Pets

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Shampooing Your Pet

Make sure you use the right type of shampoo for the right type of pet with minimal foaming so it rinses off easily.

  • Wet your pets’s face with a damp washcloth
  • Use a pitcher to wet rest of the body with warm water
  • Shampoo from face to tail.
  • Allow the shampoo to sit for a few minutes.
  • Rinse shampoo from face with wet wash cloth.
  • Rinse rest of body with pitcher.

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Grooming Your Cat

Use a comb or a brush with Teflon-coated teeth.  Use a fine-tooth comb for areas such as the face and ears. Using these types of combs and brushes will make the brushing gentler for your cat without tugging or pulling on the hair.  Long-haired cats require daily brushing while short-haired cats require less. Regular brushing helps with your cat’s coat and will keep it from getting matted.  If you prefer to take it to a professional, there are pet shops and other pet grooming companies or corporate car services available.

Brushing Your Pet’s Teeth

When starting off, use just your finger without toothpaste.  This will help your dog get used to someone pulling up their lips and rubbing their teeth.  The finger will mimic the toothbrush and simulate teeth brushing.  Just be sure to along the gum line where tartar builds up.  Gradually building up the amount of time in which you brush will help your pet adapt to the activity and make for successful teeth brushing.

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How to Remove Skunk Spray

Many people automatically think of tomato juice when it comes to treating skunk spray on your pet. Tomato juice, unfortunately, may cover up small from a skunk spray, but it won’t remove the oils from the spray.  A better remedy to removing the odor can be prepared at home using baking soda, dishwash detergent and a 3-percent hydrogen peroxide.  Mix the solution and immediately apply it to the pet’s coat. Wait 5 minutes and rinse with warm water.  The quicker you get the pet washed the better as it gives the oil less time to work into the pet’s hair.  Be careful not to get the solution into the dog’s eye as it will burn.

Cutting a Cat’s Nails

To cut a cat’s nails it’s best to use a stainless steel nail cutter.  Try to trim the nails before you give them a bath.  Start with two or three nails and see how your cat does.  If she doesn’t resist then continue with the other mails.  However, if she doesn’t like it then stop and continue at a later time.  It’s best to start the nail trimming at an early age so that they will be used to it as they get older.



Our Top 5 Pet Water Fountain Picks

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If you want to get away from the mundane water bowl for your cats and dogs, then consider a pet water fountain for a change.  Here are the top 5 picks that we believe you and your pets will enjoy.

1) Drinkwell Platinum Pet Fountain 168oz– The top rated pet fountain comes with a modern design and free-falling stream of water which pets love.  It keeps the water fresh and oxygenated and best of all, the fountain does not come with the noise that others may produce.  It is also low voltage which is safe for pets and has the capacity to hold 168 oz of water.  Other perks include adjustable water flow and replaceable charcoal filter.  2 disadvantages to this product include the fact that it’s not fit for use outdoors and it’s difficult for 2 pets to drink out of at one time.  Otherwise, it is one of the best pet water fountains around!

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2) Pioneer Pet Stainless Steel Raindrop Design- It’s sleek and sophisticated design attracts pets towards the water to promote drinking.  Designed as a raindrop the water runs down into the bowl, constantly circulating the water.  The continuous wash keeps the bowl clean.  It is also easy to clean, assemble and take apart and comes with a replaceable pump.  Disadvantages to this product include noisy motor and it doesn’t come with a reservoir.  Otherwise, it has one of the best designs of all pet fountains.

3) Aspen Cool Flow Pet Fountain- Comes with a reservoir, which some pet fountains don’t include, has replaceable filters, and a pump that is AC wall adapter accessible.  The water is free falling and easy access for more than one pet at a time as well as for pets of all sizes.  It is not messy and is easy to clean, assemble and take apart.

4) Drinkwell 360 Pet Fountain Stainless Steel- Comes with replaceable charcoal filters, helping to remove the bad taste and smell in the water.  With it’s design like a water bowl with a 5-spout ring in the center, water runs out like a fountain into the bowl and allows pets to access it for any side and angle.  It allows for more than one pet to access at one time.  The only cons is that it is designed mainly for small to medium sized pets and best used indoors.  Makes a great gift for your pet’s birthday!

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5) Drinkwell 360 Pet Fountain 128oz- Great for homes with multiple pets.  Much like the stainless steel version, it has a 5-spout ring which allows water to flow out from 5 areas, allowing to multiple pets to drink at one time.  The charcoal filter helps to maintain clean, healthy drinking water.  The pump is noise-free since it is submerged in the water.  Like the stainless steel version, disadvantages include designed for small and medium sized pets and best for indoor use.


What is the Buzz Over Pet Water Fountains?

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I own 2 small dogs and believe that it is essential to provide fresh drinking water for your pets. And I believe that pet water fountains is the best way to do it.  Many people believe that it may be inconvenient and that there is extra work involved in keeping the dish clean and full of water.  Fortunately, it’s not as bad as you think.

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 The pet water fountain comes with a large size reservoir, a big bowl which allows the water to circulate through the fountain while keeping the water fresh for your pet.  Pets like drinking running water from a tap or faucet so the pet fountain mimics the running water from a faucet, except that they are receiving fresh water instead.  The constant circulation helps prevent bacterial growth.

Pet water fountains allow the water to stay oxygenated with a charcoal filter that keeps the impurities out of your pet’s water.  This is similar to the way we filter our drinking water for our family, except we are doing it for our pets.  Similarly, you insert the filter into the fountain and fill it with water.  That is as easy as it gets and it is very easy to transport.  Just turn on the fountain and you have fresh running water for your pet. 

While the fountain has to be cleaned every so often, you don’t have to change it as often as a regular water dish since the fountain can hold so much water at one time.  Additionally, the fountains encourage your dogs and cats to drink more water and promotes hydration.  Have you ever wondered why cats love to drink from faucets?  It’s because they love running water.  Most cats won’t drink from a regular bowl.

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By encouraging your cats and dogs to drink more water prevents urinary tract infections, promotes healthy kidney function, increases recovery time during sickness and helps the body with temperature regulation and fat metabolism.

There are many types of pet water fountains to choose from–from plastic, to stainless steel, to stoneware and porcelain ceramic.  You can find them at any pet stores or online on Ebay or Amazon.  Be sure to check reviews to find the product that is right for you and your pet.

Your pet will love the pet water fountain and have a great time drinking from it.  If you care enough about your family’s health to give them the very best and the cleanest water to drink, then you should do the same for your pet.